We are pleased to inform that starting December 2020 we will be retailing exclusive brands and items through our website. Our team of fashion stylists and personal shoppers work 24 hours a day to select new, trending, designer items for you. Collected with love, from brands such as Chanel, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more. Exclusive and authentic.

We are dedicated to bringing your favorite items to your doorstep with our Maison Marques service. Our vision is to make you happy and confident wearing quality clothes and accessory: to express your highest, most loving, self. Our collection exists of luxury brands, popular premium labels and creative young talent.


Maison Marques defines itself as charismatic, filled with passion, expertise, service and an outstanding sense of fashion. We are authentic and independent.

We work with passionate fashion stylists from all over Europe, with whom we’ve collected over 4000 items so far. We believe fashion is more than just following the trends and that living stylish starts with quality. In fashion, there is no such thing as mere functionality. We believe in statements. That the way you wear fashion is what tells us who you are.


Starting 2021, Maison Marques will bring monthly updates to you on the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle through this blog. We will furthermore be starting a new concept: for every new post on this blog we will be interviewing influencers, athletes and
artists. We will interview only individuals who share our love for fashion and lifestyle in order to bring you a more exclusive look at how other people interact with the fashion world. There will also be an opportunity for you, as a faithful Maison Marques follower, to ask these individuals your own questions about their life, style, and wardrobe! Are there any secrets these influences, artists, and athletes might have that you wish to know about? This is your chance to ask them! In other words, you can expect a lot of great content coming soon!

Last but not least, we will be launching a very special and exclusive line of Maison Marques merchandise! Not only will this launch include exclusive packaging, but there will be a limited amount of a few hundred items produced and distributed, and they might never come back… So stay on the lookout and keep a close eye on this blog for news and updates regarding this special drop!

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